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NBC’s ‘Open House’ Feature

In the chill of a February day in 2007, NBC's 'Open House TV' sought to highlight our indoor plant and flower care services, bringing a touch of green warmth to their national audience. With pride, we exhibited a stunning array of botanical wonders, featuring the lush vibrancy of wheatgrass, the exotic allure of birds of paradise, a diverse collection of palms, and yes, even more of the ever-popular…

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Birds & Blooms Magazine Feature

Late-Season Stars: Your Complete Aster Flower Guide Wendy Helfenbaum Released : Oct. 24, 2023 Asters glow brightly in your fall garden. Learn all you need to know them, including the best aster flower varieties, growing tips, and more. Come fall, a surge of vibrant color is welcome in most gardens. Asters, true to their name’s meaning of “star” in the Greek language, are proven performers. They…

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Better Homes & Gardens Article Feature

The 13 Best Potting Soils for Indoor and Outdoor Plants Our favorite potting soil is the PittMoss Plentiful Organic Potting Mix because it’s a peat-free, all-purpose blend potting mix. By Brittany VanDerBill released on February 9, 2023 Fact checked by Marcus Reeves BETTER HOMES & GARDENS / LECIA LANDIS Just like with gardeners, no two gardening projects are alike. That calls for a variety of potting…

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