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The 13 Best Potting Soils for Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Our favorite potting soil is the PittMoss Plentiful Organic Potting Mix because it’s a peat-free, all-purpose blend potting mix.

By Brittany VanDerBill released on February 9, 2023
Fact checked by Marcus Reeves

Just like with gardeners, no two gardening projects are alike. That calls for a variety of potting soils and mixes that suit each plant or gardening need.

When shopping for the best potting soil, consider how much you will need, what type of plants you’re growing, and whether the mix includes peat (which isn’t always harvested sustainably). Also consider whether you need fertilizer and, if so, whether you want to avoid synthetics.

To narrow down the list, we researched the best potting soils, taking into account the considerations above along with consumer ratings. We also talked with Evan Davis Santi, a horticulturalist and CEO of Urban Plantscapes, and Charlie Nardozzi, a Regional Emmy Award-winning garden author, radio, and TV personality.

Here are the best potting soils. …

Evan Davis Santi

Evan Davis Santi is the Founder and President of Urban Plantscapes LLC established in 2003. Evan has extensive experience in the artistry of designing, installing, and maintaining lush gardens. His work has been featured on the Park Ave Malls, HGTV, NBC’s Today Show, OpenHouse NYC, HousingWorks, Better Homes & Gardens, Birds & Blooms and many more.