Welcome to the Future.

This project is an amalgamation of vibrant, oversized wall art and a shaped lush green living wall, complemented by additional plantings to imbue the artwork with a captivating three-dimensional essence. While living murals have graced urban spaces before, they have not been done like this.  Our meticulous, years-long planning and combined skill set separate this masterpiece apart, seamlessly incorporating various elements into a singular, awe-inspiring creation.  Our goal is to complete 30 Living Murals in 30 cities by 2030.

About the Art.

Our first mural, titled ‘Let’s Grow Together’, is a celebration of positive affirmations and environmental pride. Featuring a young woman in a dress, water plants within the art and flourishing in front of the mural on the sidewalk. All this beauty in front of an oversized sunflower, her hair transforms into a diverse array of plants and flowers in a living wall, creating a visually stunning and harmonious portrayal.

Meet the Visionaries.

Evan Davis Santi, a native-New Yorker, award-winning ‘Landscape Designer’ and President of Urban Plantscapes LLC, brings over two decades of expertise in Agricultural Business and Ornamental Landscape Technology.   His work has been featured on prestigious platforms such as HGTV, Park Ave,  NBC’s ‘Today Show’, OpenHouse NYC, Better Homes & Gardens, Birds & Blooms and HousingWorks.

Evan on Park Ave
Dr. Sam Martin

The Digital Artist.


Dr. Sam Martin is an Afro Caribbean-British Digital Sociologist and Data Scientist with Kalinago and Dominican heritage. While holding a Law degree from Oxford and a PhD in Digital Health, her lifelong passion for ‘Digital Art and AI Architecture’ led her to create AfroFuturist images through her company Digital Wild Art. With a focus on empowering women and people of color, her work captures the vibrancy and love of culture. 

The Theme.

 The actual theme is up to you, it could be Welcome to City X, Hotel X, climate change awareness, promoting a litter free environment, a green future, simply just attractive art, etc.  We are also willing to include your organization, business or municipality logo into the art work. 

Hanging Baskets, City Landscaping, PGH landscaper, NYC Gardener Plantings.
Landscaping by Urban Plantscapes
Art by Digital Wild Art
Art by Digital Wild Art

The Significance of this Living Mural.

By joining forces with this artistic masterpiece, you will showcase your commitment to environmental stewardship and a litter-free future. Embracing the concept of ‘placemaking’, our Living Mural will serve as a focal point for community gathering, traffic-stopping visuals, and social media-worthy moments. It promises to boost business, elevate tourism, and contribute positively to your public relations endeavors.


We are seeking an innovative green partnership to breathe life into this visionary initiative that promises to redefine the intersection of art, nature, and community engagement. We have partnerships with some absolutely incredibly gifted artists from Nairobi to New York ready to work on your living mural.

Timing for Mural.

We are eager to embark on this project swiftly and would like to get started right away.  To demonstrate our confidence in its success, we are offering to do the very first wall at cost!  Yes, you read that right.  We believe that the ripple effect of this endeavor will pave the way for many Living Mural Projects globally. 

Art by Digital WIld Art.
Art by Digital WIld Art
"We are excited about the prospect of collaborating with you to make artistic history. Please do not miss out on a one-of-a-kind opportunity to improve your space. Let's discuss how we can tailor this project to perfectly align with your vision".
Evan Davis Santi
Project Lead

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