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In the chill of a February day in 2007, NBC’s ‘Open House TV’ sought to highlight our indoor plant and flower care services, bringing a touch of green warmth to their national audience. With pride, we exhibited a stunning array of botanical wonders, featuring the lush vibrancy of wheatgrass, the exotic allure of birds of paradise, a diverse collection of palms, and yes, even more of the ever-popular wheatgrass.

This special showcase unfolded on the prestigious Open House TV, a nationally broadcasted program on NBC renowned for its comprehensive exploration of architecture, design, and real estate. Guided by the affable host, Sara Gore and George Oliphant, the segment provided an engaging glimpse into our dedication to cultivating and caring for indoor flora. It was a moment of recognition for our expertise in plant and flower care, as we shared our passion with a broad audience, making homes and spaces bloom with natural beauty.

A heartfelt thank you extends first and foremost to our cherished client, whose trust and partnership make moments like these possible. We deeply appreciate the opportunity to serve and collaborate.

A special acknowledgment is also owed to the remarkable individuals and entities who played a pivotal role in this endeavor. Sara Gore, George Oliphant, and the entire Open House team, along with the support of NBC Universal and LXTV, were instrumental in bringing our indoor plant and flower care services into the spotlight. Their dedication and professionalism made this collaboration a truly enriching experience.

To all those who contributed to the success of this showcase, your efforts are sincerely valued, and we express our gratitude for making this memorable journey possible.

Evan Davis Santi

Evan Davis Santi is the Founder and President of Urban Plantscapes LLC established in 2003. Evan has extensive experience in the artistry of designing, installing, and maintaining lush gardens. His work has been featured on the Park Ave Malls, HGTV, NBC’s Today Show, OpenHouse NYC, HousingWorks, Better Homes & Gardens, Birds & Blooms and many more.