NBC’s ‘Open House’ Feature

In the chill of a February day in 2007, NBC's 'Open House TV' sought to highlight our indoor plant and flower care services, bringing a touch of green warmth to their national audience. With pride, we exhibited a stunning array of botanical wonders, featuring the lush vibrancy of wheatgrass, the exotic allure of birds of paradise, a diverse collection of palms, and yes, even more of the ever-popular…

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Birds & Blooms Magazine Feature

Late-Season Stars: Your Complete Aster Flower Guide Wendy Helfenbaum Released : Oct. 24, 2023 Asters glow brightly in your fall garden. Learn all you need to know them, including the best aster flower varieties, growing tips, and more. Come fall, a surge of vibrant color is welcome in most gardens. Asters, true to their name’s meaning of “star” in the Greek language, are proven performers. They…

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NBC’s ‘Today Show’ x Urban Plantscapes

NBC’s ‘Today Show’ x Urban Plantscapes
NBC's 'The Today Show'

When NBC Universal sought to craft a visually captivating garden backdrop for a featured gardening segment on their popular Today Show, Urban Plantscapes rose to the occasion.  Previous Next Set against the iconic backdrop of 30 Rockefeller Center in bustling Midtown Manhattan, our team meticulously curated a stunning array of flowers, plants, and shrubs, transforming the space into a lush oasis that graced Channel 4 with…

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