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Welcome to Wheeling


Wheeling, once the capital of West Virginia, is a beautiful and green metro area.  The downtown area, which resides on the Ohio River, is 15 minutes to Pennsylvania and 5 minutes from Ohio.  Part of the Ohio Valley and the Tri-state area, it’s perfectly positioned to weather the recession and for nice organic growth.

Our design team from Pittsburgh and NY visited the beautiful estate nestled in to the foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains for a landscape design that would enhance the view and the value of this amazing piece of real estate.  The scenery was breathtaking. There was so much greenery, something that we are not used to on the east coast.  This “Green Getaway” is covered with tons of fresh foliage.  The Ohio Valley has been spared from the most recent hurricanes, Hurricane Irene or Hurricane Sandy.


Beautiful Rhodonedrons like this are commonly placed throughout Wheeling, as it is the WV state flower.

It’s easy to get caught up with all this beauty, back to why we are out here.  We will be adding beautiful, thick tempered glass patricians to decrease the wind.  Along the perimeter, we will be installing xeroscape plantings as well so some non-native species in the front for curb appeal. (they receive plenty of water in this region). Complementing the view is the warmth of the fire pit and teak wood seating.  We will also be installing full surround sound that connects the smart home to the new drip irrigation and exterior media/ bar area.  The home already comes equipped with an amazing outdoor kitchen and wine cellar attached.

West Virginia

I will definitely be in WV next week to make sure this installation goes perfect. After visiting Wheeling, I  cannot say enough good things about the “Friendly City”. The people of this city showed why they are named the “Friendly City”, with their charm and good graces towards their tourists.  Check out the cities website to learn all about tourism and Oglebay Park.

by Evan Santi

Founder of Urban Plantscapes



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