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Urban Plantscapes in Examiner

Green your business inside and out with Urban Plantscapes

Want your Palm Beach area business to flower? Then perhaps it’s time to consider planting the seeds of success with quality interior and/or exterior landscaping.

Bringing nature into the workplace with ornamental plants has become a popular way to “green” your company. Among its many benefits is that it not only adds aesthetic beauty to your place of business, but also offers psychological and restorative values such as:

· Reducing worker tension;

· Boosting concentration and attention;

· Reducing eye irritation and stress;

· Motivating employees and;

· Reducing impurities in the office environment.

Research has shown that plants have a positive effect on reducing headaches, fatigue and hoarseness, and employees have reported having less dry skin when plants are introduced into the workplace. In one study, the presence of plants in the workplace also was shown to increase work productivity as employee reaction time on computer tasks improved by 12%.

One high-end, all natural landscaping company that has garnered much media attention and a growing clientele is Urban Plantscapes, which provides ornamental plant designs for residential, retail and commercial interiors and exteriors, rooftops, patios, and workspaces. To its further credit, Urban Plantscapes does not use chemicals, pesticides or inorganic fertilizers during installations and maintenance.

Cofounded and created by North Carolina State University for Horticulture and Agricultural Business graduate Evan Santi in 2003, Urban Plantscapes became an instant success in the New York metropolitan area and now boasts more than 100 clients. The company’s work has been on display at the Guggenheim museum and since 2008 it has maintained the Park Avenue Malls in the Carnegie Hill section of Manhattan’s upper east side. It was also the first landscaping company in NYC to maintain one mile of city streets organically.

Now Urban Plantscapes has “branched out” to a second location in Miami to service the South Florida area. For more information on how this innovative company can green your workplace, click here.

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