The largest living green wall in North America

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The largest living green wall in North America was completed September 2009 at the PNC Headquarters in downtown Pittsburgh at Wood St. and Fifth Avenue. Plantscape provided two workers to help with the labor on the install.
The 2,380 sq. foot green wall is made up of 602 2 ft. x 2 ft. panels of soil and plants. It looks like a painting constructed out of regional plants. All the materials came from a 500 mile radius around Pittsburgh. The texture of the wall will change with the seasons as some plants bloom in the fall and others will bloom in the spring. The wall requires about 15 minutes of watering per week (less in the winter) from an internally controlled irrigation system. The wall not only gives beauty to the downtown area, but it provides sound absorption as well, and cools the surface of the building wall, presumably lowering air conditioning costs.
Using a 120′ lift, Plantscape maintains this wall on a monthly basis which includes pruning and plant replacement, checking the irrigation system, and spraying the plants with Moisturin to help protect them from winter injury.
I definitely wanted to recognize the hard work by Plantscape -Evan Santi
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