You are currently viewing Over 5,000 FB likes, thank you so much to our fans!

Over 5,000 FB likes, thank you so much to our fans!

Today Urban Plantscapes (lucky 7-11) hit the 5000 likes on facebook.  This is an amazing accomplishment especially as we launch in south Florida (Miami area).

10 years age people thought we were crazy, that there was no market for high end organic landscape design.  Thank you for seeing our vision, we owe it all to you!

Here are the top 30 towns and cities that like our work in no particular order:

  1. East Hampton, New York
  2. Miami, Florida
  3. New York City (Manhattan), New York
  4. Hoboken, New Jersey
  5. South Hampton, New York
  6. Upper Nyack, New York
  7. Upper Montclair, New Jersey
  8. Boca Raton, Florida
  9. Greenwich, Connecticut
  10. Manila, Philippines
  11. Paris, France
  12. Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  13. London, England
  14. Los Angelos, California
  15. Delray Beach, Florida
  16. Scarsdale, New York
  17. Rome, Italy
  18. San Fransisco, California
  19. Roslyn, New York
  20. Milan, Italy
  21. Edgewater, New Jersey
  22. Brooklyn, New York
  23. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey
  24. New City, New York
  25. Roatan, Honduras
  26. Bridge Hampton, New York
  27. Cape town, South Africa
  28. San Pedra Sula, Honduras
  29. Georgetown, Guyana
  30. Atlanta, Georgia






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