MADONNA, not a fan of Hydrangeas.

Madonna, not a fan of Hydrangeas
By Courtney Hazlett

If you were thinking of gifting Madonna with a bouquet of hydrangeas, might want to think again. An adoring fan learned the hard way that her Majesty does NOT like the flower after she dissed a bouquet presented to her at the Venice Film Festival.

“You are my princess, thank you so much, I love you,” said the fan as he gave Madonna the flowers. Madge, who is at the festival to promote her new film “W.E.,” accepted them with a smile and a “thank you,” but cameras shortly after caught her making a face. And then, the ultimate open mic faux pas occurred: Madonna turned to her co-star and said, “I absolutely loathe hydrangeas. He obviously doesn’t know that.”

Wow, obviously not. And obviously (I hope) she didn’t know her mic was going to pick up the comment. Either way, REALLY MADONNA? Is it so hard to accept a well-intentioned gift with a smile and leave it at that? I’m a little amused that the whole thing was caught and is going viral, but I’m also struck that this is just ungracious beyond words. Maybe Papa didn’t preach, but I thought he taught her basic manners.

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