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Cottage Garden with Plant Key

Anatomy of a Cottage Garden by Organized Clutter

 I am a cottage style gardener.  My flower gardens are not formal.  I like to mix annuals, perennials and garden junk.  My only rule is “taller in the back and shorter in front”.  The junk serves two purposes, vertical interest and visual interest.  A flower bed is just far more interesting and pleasing when there is some height, and varying heights.

Plan a garden! Plant a garden!  It’s fun!  I have made mistakes in design and just moved the plants the following year.

Below are labeled photographs of my 2013 front yard border.  P=Perennial, A=Annual  (Zone 3)



Plant Key:

  1. Creeping Baby’s Breath (P)
  2. Vera Jameson Sedum (P)
  3. Stella d’Oro Daylily (P)
  4. Blue Chips Bellflower (P)
  5. Supertunia Raspberry Blast (A)
  6. Asiatic Lily (P)
  7. Purple Coneflowers (P)
  8. Dropwort Filapendula (P)
  9. Purple Verbena (A)
  10. Ponytail Grass (A)
  11. Tall Pink Asiatic Lilies (P)
  12. Globe Thistle (P)
  13. Whirlybird Nasturium (A)
  14. Cushion Spurge (P)
  15. White Chips Bellflower (P)
  16. Pink Moss Roses (A)
  17. Russian Sage (P)
  18. Key Lime Coral Bells (P)
  19. Red Verbena (A)
  20. Diamond Frost (A)
  21. Cherry Star Superbell Calibrachoa (A)
  22. Angelonia Angelface Blue (A)
  23. Pincushion Flower (P)
  24. Shasta Daisy (P)
  25. Small Marguerite Daisy (A)
  26. Maltese Cross (P)
  27. Dark Pink Gaura (A)
  28. Alyssum (A)
  29. White Astilbe (P)
  30. Red Astilbe (P)
  31. Gardenview Scarlet Monarda (P)
  32. Butterfly Marguerite Daisy (A)
  33. Silver Mound (P)
  34. Liatris (P)

Just in case you didn’t catch the Garden Art, here is a Junk Key:

  1. Old chair and wood garden Angel
  2. “Garden of Weed’n” sign
  3. Rusty Milk Can Top
  4. Step Ladder
  5. Galvanized tubs
  6. Funnel on a broom handle (actually it’s a double decker funnel)
  7. Dragonfly “Garden” sign
  8. Blue Birdhouse


This photos is from the curb appeal post.  The lilies weren’t in bloom yet but the nasturiums were gorgeous.  After all the rain I had to deadhead almost all of the blossoms off!

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