10 Gorgeously Inspiring Rooftop Terraces

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10 Gorgeously Inspiring Rooftop Terraces


10 Gorgeously Inspiring Rooftop Terraces (11)Rooftop terraces have always been a great way for urban dwellers to get the most out of their upper levels. But the popularity and appeal of these rooftop terraces has grown tremendously and now there are so many inspiring spaces out there that it’s easy to create a space of your own with whatever rooftop or outdoor real estate you may have.

Here are just a handful of inspiring spaces to get the creative juices flowing.

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Structured topiaries and geometry keep this rooftop garden a symmetrical and serene space in New York. The garden portion is elevated and separated from the dining and other entertaining portions of the roof, creating its own small oasis in the midst of the city.

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This roof is an interesting space, almost floating in the middle of the curved glass skylights that encapsulate the perimeter of this home. There is a glass footbridge that connects not one but two outdoor, casual spaces. It all looks somewhat space-inspired amongst London’s traditionally classic architecture.

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If you’re not quite the green thumb, there are plenty of roof based spaces that aren’t necessarily designed around greenery. This simple and clean terrace is outfitted with simple white furniture and a few shrubs to frame the architectural elements that are already existing, but are now able to be enjoyed from the inside as well.

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This active family decided to create a playground-inspired rooftop that has undulating curves and structural elements incorporated to it, such as a staircase that leads down to a flat, concrete area. Certainly interesting visually and a fun time– although children would have to be supervised.

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New York features some of the greatest roofs and this one is no exception. Full of lush plants and rich woods, this space would be fairly simple to replicate with a few great antique finds, planters and favorite plants.

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Another simple find for the host at heart, modular furniture is a great outdoor option complete with a few potted plants and an outdoor fireplace to keep things warm on crisp nights with great views.

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This Singapore home takes rooftop garden to a whole new level, with a roof that’s lined entirely with grass and an extended balcony that’s also a green grass plain open to the elements and not enclosed by any type of railing or fence. A visual feast.

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Sometimes a rooftop garden doesn’t have to look like it is atop a structure at all. One prime example would be a Spanish inspired space complete with a quaint pool and peaceful landscape.

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What would a rooftop terrace be like if fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg got her hands on it? Well her New York DVF flagship store has a penthouse atop it, and the terrace is a gorgeous extension of her style. Cut diagonally with wispy desert like plants and succulents this is a great mix of low maintenance planting and minimalism that can be dressed for any occasion.

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Found objects can also be a great way to accentuate any rooftop terrace and stay green. Take this prime example utilizing dresser drawers, a hollowed out guitar, baskets, crates and what looks to be a car seat, too.

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