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Urban Miami: Preparing Trees for Hurricane Season


It is time to Prepare Trees for Hurricane Season Learn some important tips on pruning trees in your landscape for hurricane season. Tree Trunk and Branch Structure Topping a tree creates a dangerous tree and is illegal. Topping (“hatracking”) is the term used to describe over-pruning a tree by cutting it so badly that it is… Continue Reading

VISITORS to the High Line

urban high line

Who Lives There Close Quarters Robert Wright for The New York Times SIGHT LINES In a section of the High Line near 23rd Street, five apartment buildings, three of them newly built steel-and-glass towers, overlook the park and create a sleek update on “Rear Window.” The domestic lives of the residents are notably exposed. By… Continue Reading

Living Bed


Very creative!  Urban did not do this, but its beautiful and looks very comfortable!    

Over 5,000 FB likes, thank you so much to our fans!

mark_green urban plantscapes

Today Urban Plantscapes (lucky 7-11) hit the 5000 likes on facebook.  This is an amazing accomplishment especially as we launch in south Florida (Miami area). 10 years age people thought we were crazy, that there was no market for high end organic landscape design.  Thank you for seeing our vision, we owe it all to… Continue Reading

Urbans Flowers in NYPRESS.COM

Urban Plantscapes Yellow Tulips


Urban now maintains one half million square feet organically. FORT GREEN

urban tree flowers 4

*Just landed a new account in Fort Greene, we now maintain one half million square feet organically. FORT GREEN! THIS IS HUGE.  More and more people and companies understanding the importance of going green.  Going NATURAL is a way of life.  No chemicals, no pesticides, no inorganic fertilizers these items are not necessary it is… Continue Reading

Urban DIY: How to install a green roof

Urban Plantscapes GreenRoof

Here’s an eco-friendly project that can be built with readily available materials. As a bonus, it reduces home energy costs and stormwater runoff. By Tom Oder ROOFTOP GARDENING: A green roof of sedums, phlox, herbs, wild strawberries and other plants reduces stormwater runoff and energy costs for this renovated Atlanta home. (Photo: Tom Oder) Is… Continue Reading

New York secret rooftop world

urban rooftops nyc

Amazing aerial shots give you a view of city’s skyline as you’ve never seen it before By Daily Mail Reporter     This incredible collection of aerial photographs taken above New York gives a rare glimpse of a hidden rooftop world. Just a few stories above the non-stop hubbub of city life exists an incredible… Continue Reading